In today’s business world, EXCEL can provide benefits more than you already have, which is installed %90 of every computer and actively used.

As evg Consultancy,

We obtain specific excel tools for your specific needs, for your repetitive and routine tasks. We offer solutions for your essential and one-time problems with customized macros and formulas. We produce programs according your business operations and according to your new requirements, license charge free and lighten your work load. We make ready to use all your idle/unused data with Excel macros and functions. We prevent you struggling of reporting for hours, make it possible to reach all analysis, reports and graphs by pressing a few keys

EXCEL in Financial Reporting



Supplier Contracts Audit






We recover your previous losses by examing your accouning records and commercial agreements

Supplier revenue optimization (Target: 1TL income for each 10.000TL purchasing turnover)

Preventing payment and collection accidents and recovering past accidents

Developing and implementing projects that will reduce the workload of clients



  • Recovery Audits
  • Payment Disruptions
  • Reconciliation Projects
  • VAT Audits
  • External Audit Projects




As a result of transactions of companies, inputs and outputs, tremendous amount of data are come out. As an example, considering the size of the company, multiple persons records entries from multiple locations in the same database by multiple ways.

For instance, transaction date may recorded as many ways, such as DD-MM-YYYY/MM-DD-YYYY/D-M-YY/DD-MM-YY

Additionally, in every company similar cases may arise such as below;

The answer is simple for, how much time spent for 500km away with 50km/hr car.  Velocity = Distance / Time


time= 10 hrs

However if we check our database;

Many criteria may become activated such as how many times take break, how much tank is full, possible traffic density, probability of recurrence of previous motor failures. We can calculate optimum time more realistic therefore, we may give better decisions for this subject

As the above example, analyzing all the data that we have and bringing the results in our decision process will differentiate your company.